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MBA Multimedia


Our new website identity came from a simple idea : MBA creates tailor-made websites which inspired us a theme based upon the "dressmaking" universe.

Throughout of the browsing, you'll find out severals references to this universe : fabric texture background, dotted lines, ...

The other important point of this new graphic identity : black and white.

In essence, the black colour represents sobriety, elegance but also mystery, unknown, "what is hidden". Associated with the white colour, it brings up a contraste and emphasize details. We chose it in order to hilight the projects in our references gallery. These colors don't clash with the black and white.

To sum up : "MBA lives in black&white and leaves color to its cutomers".


HTML 5, CCS3, PHP5, Jquery library, AJAX loading, touch pads optimized website, powered by our own content system manager : publiShare… all the languages and technologies that we control is in this new website.

The mobile version will come soon ; a Smart TV application will be developed later.

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