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iPad is third most popular browser (on this site)

May 17th, 2010

I was flicking through the analytics just now and noticed a surprising trend… After Windows and Mac OS it’s the iPad that sends most visitors to our little HTML5 site.

Admittedly we don’t get a lot of traffic but I narrowed down the results to the last six weeks and here is the top ten:

  1. Windows – 49.18%
  2. Macintosh – 29.28%
  3. iPad – 11.24%
  4. iPhone – 5.18%
  5. Linux – 2.47%
  6. iPod – 1.31%
  7. (not set) – 0.64%
  8. Android – 0.59%
  9. BlackBerry – 0.06%
  10. Playstation 3 – 0.02%

I suppose it’s probably not too surprising that Apple early adopters are also likely to be interested in slightly more, shall we say, geeky topics of internet life. Adding up the figures there it shows in one form or another Apple products are sending 47.01% of all visitors to this site.

I hope it’s working alright on the iPad – please let me know if there’s something broken.

If anyone is wondering, I use an Android phone so that 0.59% could be a lot of me testing it out – and the HTML5 and CSS3 I’ve added to the site is working fine on there.

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