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PushDialer — Dial your iPhone from your Mac!



  • "Dial on iPhone" OS X Service

    PushDialer is a natural integration between Mac OS X and your iPhone, allowing you to dial directly from Mail, Address Book, Safari or anywhere OS X detects a phone number.
  • It "Just Works"

    Since PushDialer uses Push technology, the application does not need to be running for it to be used. No matter how your iPhone is connected, 3G, EDGE, or Wi-Fi, once it's installed and configured just forget about it - it just works.
  • Automator Action

    Integrate PushDialer with anything you do on Mac OS X. Dial your iPhone using Automator Workflows, Services, etc.
  • One Step Configuration

    Setup is painless and easy. No network configuration or user accounts are required, PushDialer contains everything to complete end-to-end setup in one easy step.
  • Multiple Pairings

    Pair your iPhone with many computers or services and remotely dial your phone from everywhere you work, search and interact.
  • Developer API

    See a use case we've missed? Want to extend PushDialer to a new platform? Feel like it should be a part of your new web site? Integrate your application or service with our HTTP/REST-based API. Details will be available soon.

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